Supplier Development Program

There is a growing interest in the kente weaving business which is enhancing the opportunities for local community based businesses to participate in the supply chain. Standard Weave has adopted policies and standards explicitly aimed at increasing local procurement. We recognise that local economic participation is one of the keys to contributing to the long term development of our local communities.  Employment and job opportunities have been made available to people within our community which has has proven that, a recirculation of money in the local economy leads to a stronger foundation for our local community.

While the value of supporting local community business development is increasingly being acknowledged, in practice it is often difficult to bridge the gap between the capacities of these local community small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and the often rigid product customisation and delivery timelines of our clients. Hence, we prioritise procurement of goods and services from local suppliers who meet the standards we require. In most cases, we support local businesses with business loans and skills development to enable them meet our standards. We also check that our suppliers comply with our Standard Weave Work Policy which cover areas including human rights, labour practices and business integrity. 

Standard Weave is confident will forever be intentional about continuing to support local small businesses knowing that we are contributing to improving our communities and improving the lives of many others.

Standard Weave believes in the power of supporting one another on a local level, which is why we constantly strive to purchase locally sourced products, partner with local vendors and re-invest the profits from our business back into our community.

Spending locally is a great way to contribute to a friendly and long-term business environment and it can be one of the key engines of community economic success.  Successful businesses greatly influence an area’s quality of life; if there’s more business, there’s more revenue, and there are more job opportunities; all of which contribute to better quality of life for us all.

Communities that support local businesses foster an environment that’s characterized by unique, one of a kind business that often provides communities with economic advantage and a unique value proposition. Local ownership also means that community members take part in making important decisions that will affect the community.  They’re more likely to take into consideration how business and investment decisions will impact the entire community as opposed to solely focus on business profitability. Additionally, buying locally means that you are supporting local entrepreneurs and innovation.

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