The object of Cares is to provide financial resources for sustainable postsecondary educational scholarship and provide sustainable renewable energy for schools and communities in deprived areas in Ghana.  

Standard Weave Cares Educational Scholarship Scheme was established in 2020 and focuses on private and governmental partnerships, which creates an environment where learning is supported.

Rural Electrification Project was established in 2021 as a result of the numerous barriers faced by students in rural communities. Hence, focuses on the electrification of schools in deprived communities.

Our Work in Education

The COVID-19 Control and Prevention program which ensured that the spread of the pandemic was curbed by providing free nose masks, sanitisers and a COVID-19 prevention starter pack to people living in deprived communities.

The scholarship scheme ensures that, outstanding students are provided with the opportunity to study in any Ghanaian public University at no tuition cost and given extra tuition support services.

We overcame one of the crucial barriers through our rural electrification project which focused on the electrification of Ebenezer Hill School to the national distribution grid of the Electricity Company of Ghana

Rural Electrification Project

Impact over time

Cares Scholarship Scheme

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